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Feel free to act and react
with your community

faster and easier!

Set the stage for your brainstorming, give your projects meaning.
Motivate your employees and reach your goals.

Mobilize, federate, dynamize,
share, enrich and more…

interacting provides an environment
to make generating ideas simple.

Work from afar, together!

interacting is commited to offering you
free access to its remote working tools
platform.Free Version

, Collective Intelligence Platform


in 2 minutes!

A first approach


in a brainstorming

An example to better


a scenario

FREE version

Our offers from
€3 the participant per month

A simple 4-step approach

  • Write your scenario
  • Add your participants
  • Motivate your community
  • Gather participants' contributions
Via the collaboration tool, in just 4 steps, you can create an environnment
for your process to make generating ideas simple.
Optimise your work thanks to the intuitive and ergonomic interface.
Motivate your community, in real-time or on-demand, in the office or remotely.
Inform, assist, dynamise, unite, report... invent your own collaborative model!

In which context to use interacting?

Change management, project following, workshop, coaching, citizen poll,
reporting, training, online seminar, survey… the possibilities are almost endless.

  • Seminar online
  • Project following
  • Brainstorming workshop
  • Reporting
  • Citizen survey

Bring together a large community and orchestrate your event!

Motivate your team remotely, without anyone having to travel.
Design the steps in your scenario fast: presentation slides, videos, topics, quizzes, surveys and much more, to pass information to those involved directly and reach your awareness-raising goals at a low cost.

Unite your team around a common project!

Manage activities based on how the project is progressing, and keep a record of that progress.
Share or group documents. Report back on the progress, or create an interactive phase for shared idea generation, at the same time or later, on-demand. Add in new actors for specific steps.
You have all the leeway you need to be more “Agile”!

Brainstorm as a group to manage change:

help decision-making, involve the community, find concrete solutions to problems.
Guide participants using your scenario in order to successfully reach your goals.

You need quick reports with your community!

Set up a series of surveys, contributions and more if you wish to take it one step further. Export the results easily and create follow-up reports to assess changes.
Capitalise on your reports with other communities.

Participatory budgets, citizen survey, call for projects

consult your community, federate around projects, appeal to collective innovation.
The participants simply register on the platform, submit their contributions and interact with each other.
You follow the exchanges, animate your community and especially you communicate about all the ideas and projects resulting from the debates.
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Assessment test
  • Blended e‑learning
  • Blog

Create training sequences based on material you have,

add in your personalised media. Evaluate your community with interactive exercises and involve trainees. Go further by adding in group discussion times.
Lastly, capitalise on your scenario with new participants.

Create a dedicated, private space to exchange information with your trainee!

Define progress points, times for reflection, learning and discussion, live or on-demand. Invite experts to add to the coaching.
Start your sequences based on your trainees’ speed and involvement.
Review the history of the coaching session to monitor progress.
Capitalise on your scenario by using it again with new trainees.

Inform, evaluate, analyse, capitalise,

whether your community works remotely or in the same space. You can compose your sequences to include quizzes, surveys and contributions. Evaluating also means informing, so give them videos, interviews and presentation slides… Analyse the results on the spot or export them for future feedback.
You can capitalise on your evaluations and use them for other communities.

Initiate brainstorming with your community before calling a meeting!

Update your community before bringing them together physically, using a video introduction, documents they can read or an evaluation or knowledge quiz…
Your actual meeting will be more productive and you can get straight to the heart of the matter.
Then, mobilize your community by a feedback or an assessment of the session and prepare the next meeting to go further.

Create a place for discussion and dialogue within your community in no time!

Open it up to free expression or coordinate particular points of view. Share documents relating to your topic. A quick, easy and effective solution.

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Our offers

interacting, for whom?

Whatever your business, no matter the size of your organisation and your location over the world, you decide where, when, how and with whom you want to interact.

Businesses, public organisations, non-profits, students, teachers, coaches, consultants, experts, …

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Our commitments

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    Data protection, hosting in
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    permanent update of the
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    Be online
    as you want!

    Responsive plateform,
    access from all supports
    (laptop, tablet, mobile).
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    Get involved,
    work remotely!

    Decrease travels, eco-
    responsable platform,
    reduce CO2.
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