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Reveal your collaborative efficiency
  • Write your scenario
  • Add the participants
  • Motivate your community
  • Gather participants' contributions

Write your scenario

Select exercises for analysis, drafting, evaluating or simply raising awareness.
Arrange them however you like.
Instant reflection that can evolve.
You sequence your reflexion in a goal of sustainable performance.

Add the participants

You decide when, where, how and with whom you want to work, no matter where you are in the world!
Invite your community. Define the participants, the co-leader or expert, as needed.

Motivate your community

Live or on-demand, remotely or in person, you can observe and take part if you wish.
Time is no longer a constraint. Take the time to listen to your colleagues.
Recognise their commitment. Your discussions will be even more fascinating!
Be agile in your reflexion and start your sequences at the right moments.
You can follow the consultation, live via statistics.

Gather participants' contributions

Mobilize your community even after the end of your scenario.
View contribution data, export and value it as a deliverable.
Archive your scenario to save structure and contacts.
Reuse it in new interactions.
You retain control of your project.

Try it out!

and develop your participants’ potential.

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