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Place people at the heart of your interactive process
The digital transformation has radically impacted the way people work in groups.
To be effective, it must develop sustainably by combining social and economic performance.

Society is heading towards more inclusive, participative organisation.
The colleague, the individual, must be connected to others and placed at the heart of decisions to be more committed. There is more at stake in motivating a community than simply cooperating.

The future of work is a challenge for humanity, transforming technologically and socially.

With 10 years of experience in on-line cooperation, we are convinced that this is only the beginning of this model.
Based on that conviction, we designed interacting.

With interacting, Intelligence Collective platform:

Set the stage for your ideas to reach motivation goals.

Via a single interface, you can design every step in your project, add participants, motivate your community and keep a record of all exchanges.
Project following, an on-line seminar, training, opinion poll or workshops - the possibilities are almost endless.

Optimise your time and human resources

interacting, means being more productive with no travel required.
Every participant works at their own pace, depending on their availability.
Whatever your business or the size of the group you’re interacting with, you decide where, when, how and with whom.

Simply steer your projects.

No training required, no middle-man, the platform is easy and accessible.
You pay for what you use and what you need, with or without a commitment.

Businesses, public organisations, non-profits, education professionals, coaches, consultants and experts, …
imagine your interactive model!
Discover how it works
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