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In what context(s) can I use interacting? And for what purpose(s)?
You can use interacting for any situation requiring collaboration.

Opt for an entirely configurable scenario or select a scenario model specially designed to meet your needs: easy blog, online seminar, brainstorming workshop, training, coaching, reporting, blended e-learning, project tracking, evaluation test, etc.

With interacting, you attain your objectives over time:
  • developing innovative projects
  • mobilising colleagues
  • uniting the community and improving commitment levels
  • increasing productivity
  • detecting hidden talents
  • positive communication
  • and lots more, according to your expectations.
Who is interacting aimed at?
Whatever the size of your organisation or your sector of activity, interacting is aimed at anyone wishing to put in place a collaboration and collaborating space, live or on-demand, remotely or in person.

For businesses, public establishments, non-profit associations, education professionals, instructors, consultants, experts - the Platform is suited to your needs: improving group performance, encouraging collective innovation, engaging your community and colleagues, or working autonomously in the use of your tools.
What is the interacting concept?
interacting is conceived and constructed around scenarios. The scenario is the medium of your interactive brainstorming.

  • Scenario
  • The scenario is organised into 4 steps: creation, participants, mobilisation and restitution.
    You determine yourself the number of sequences (5 to 50), the number of participants (5 to 500) and the duration (1 to 12 months), when you make your purchase. The scenario is composed of sequences.

  • Sequence
  • Each sequence represents a phase in your brainstorming process, in which you place an exercise that you have chosen.
    The sequence is a space for expression, exchange or consultation for the participants.

  • Exercises
  • You configure each exercise with, for example: number of contributions, number of characters per contribution, moderation, identification of participants, enclosed documents, notation, reaction, guests, etc.
    Here is the non-exhaustive list of the multimedia exercises available to you: enhanced contributions, vote, survey, quiz, live discussion, Q&A, document management, evaluation test, etc.
Is it possible to test interacting before making a purchase?
Yes. To familiarise yourself with the scenario interface and community leading, you can test the interacting platform free of charge for 10 days.
We ask you simply to register by entering an e-mail address. The data entered in the scenario will be deleted at the end of the test period.
What are the different interacting offers available?
Check our 3 offers:
  • Free test: you can test interacting free of charge for 10 days. The test comprises 1 scenario with 5 sequences and 5 participants.
  • Modular Offer: with the simulator, you adjust the composition of your scenario based on the number of participants and the duration in month. You start with 25 participants over 1 month and you have 50 available. You buy your scenario one by one without commitment. During the scenario, you can add participants and duration. You can also archive your completed scenarios and duplicate them for a new collaborative session.
    Modular offer allows 25 to 1,000 participants over 1 to 12 months (Over 1,000 participants and 12 month, consult us).
  • Zen Offer: made to measure offer, by annual subscription with unlimited access to scenarios, participants and sequences. To find out all the details of this offer, please contact us via the contact form.

As well as:
  • 10 exemples of scenarios are available, with preformatted sequences following the themes discussed to guide you in your choices : Easyblog, Seminar online, Reporting, Brainstorming workshop, Training, Coaching one2one, Project following, Blended e-learning, Assessment test, Coaching.
  • Archiving: for archiving a scenario to be able to reuse it for a new collaboration session by repeating it when required. You keep the structure of the scenario, the content that you have included and the participants. All the contributions and other data deposited by the participants are deleted.
  • Purchasing credits: this offer enables you to set up a virtual wallet by purchasing credits.
    €1 = 1 credit (minimum amount = €100.
How do I purchase a scenario?
You can purchase a scenario from the site in the section: "Offers".
You choose and configure the modular offer depending on your project or you choose an example of scenarios.
The different steps of the purchase order process allow you to create your Customer account and pay for your scenario(s) by secure PayPal payment.
You are sent an order confirmation e-mail, along with your access details for connecting to the interacting platform.
Can I purchase several scenarios at once?
Yes, you can select several scenario offers on the same purchase order and vary the quantity for each scenario.
I have a long-term project to put in place: is it more useful to purchase a long-duration scenario or several short scenarios?
interacting is adaptable to any situation. According to your project, you can purchase a long-duration scenario or several short scenarios that you will be running on an ad-hoc basis over the course of the year.

Modular offer allows you to determine a number of participants and a duration in month, depending on your needs. This offer is scalable, after buying a scenario, you can adjust one of these 2 parameters at any moment.
What are the benefits of the "Modular" Offer?
By selecting the scenario to set up of the “Modular” offer, you will build your scenario, by determining the number of participants and the duration (minimum 1 month), you need to implement your project.
Or you select a scenario template from the available 10. Scenario templates are configured in number of participants and duration. The types of sequences are also already selected, you just have to integrate your content.
What are the benefits of the "Zen" Offer?
The « Zen » offer is a tailor-made offer with unlimited access to scenarios, unlimited participants and sequences over a one-year period.
Modes & means of payment
What modes of payment are available?
The Modular offer is an uncommitted offer. You pay as you go, on demand, according to the number of scenarios purchased.
The "Zen" Offer is an annual commitment, with monthly payment.
What means of payment are accepted?
You pay directly on the interacting platform, via the secure PayPal payment interface, by bank card or by PayPal account.
For the "Zen" Offer, what mode of payment is in place?
The "Zen" Offer is a "made to measure" offer subject to an annual commitment, with monthly payments by SEPA direct debit. Interacting issues a quote for the desired service, for a duration of 1 year.
Is the "Zen" Offer annual subscription automatically renewed?
There is no automatic renewal of the "Zen" Offer.
Three months before the subscription expiry date, you are contacted by interacting to find out if you wish to renew the Offer. Depending on your response, the subscription may be renewed for another year or, if declined, access to the interacting platform is suspended on the last day of the subscription, and all your data are deleted from our servers.
If I do not wish to extend the "Zen" Offer, can I continue to purchase scenarios?
Yes, indeed, there is no impact on the other offers proposed if you do not extend the "Zen" Offer. You can continue using the interacting platform by choosing the « modular » offer or scenario templates, without commitment.
Purchasing credits
What are the benefits of "Purchasing credits"?
You can purchase credits for an amount that you define (minimum amount: €100 = 100 credits).
This virtual wallet allows you, flexibly and simply, to purchase scenarios according to your projects.
The credits are valid for 12 months after purchase. These credits are paid for via the secure PayPal payment interface.
My "credits" are due to expire: what will happen to my current scenarios?
Your credits expire 12 months after purchase. This has no impact on your current scenarios. The activation period for the scenarios remains unchanged.
My virtual wallet is empty: what do I do to add participants, sequences or the duration of my current scenarios?
You proceed in 2 steps:
1st step: Purchase new credits for an amount that you define (minimum amount: €100 = 100 credits).
2nd step: Select the number of participants, sequences and/or duration that you wish to assign to the current scenario, from your virtual wallet.
Customer Account
How do I access my Customer account?
As soon as you have made your first purchase and created your Customer account, you can access your "Space" on the interacting platform.
In this "Space" you will find your contact details, which you can edit; your orders with your invoices in PDF format; the history of your scenarios; the address book with the participants in your scenarios; your password management; and the possibility to contact us for your commercial, technical or other queries.
All my scenarios have expired: what happens to my Customer account?
When your scenarios expire and you have not activated any new ones, your Customer account remains online for 1 year. Beyond this period, if no activity is observed, all your data (Customer account, Space, scenarios) are deleted from our servers.
Connection & devices
Does an app need to be installed on a computer to be able to use the interacting platform?
No. The interacting platform is accessible online independently. It needs no downloading or the installation of any specific module on your computer.
How can I access the interacting platform?
The interacting platform is exclusively accessible via access codes: it is an extranet secured by SSL certificate. You can access it via the following URL:
On what devices can I use the interacting platform?
The Collaboration Space for participants, developed in responsive mode, is accessible via all desktop, portable, tablet and mobile devices. For creating and running scenarios, we advise you to use the desktop or portable version.
Scenarios & interface
How many scenarios can I manage at the same time?
There are no restrictions on the number of scenarios that can be managed at the same time. However, we advise you to limit these to a manageable number, so as to maintain quality in tracking and mobilising your communities.
Can I customise the scenario interface?
You can customise each scenario by configuring the introduction and conclusion sequences with: your logo, a specific title, an introductory text and an illustration if required, and a color theme.
For each sequence, you can include a title and introductory content by inserting media such as texts, images, videos, web links, files for downloading, etc.
The logo and the title of your scenario are visible on all the screens of the Collaboration Space.
How long do I have to create my scenario?
You can create your scenario as soon as it is activated. Creation corresponds to the first step on the interacting platform. It is included in the duration of your scenario, which is for a minimum of 1 month.
At the end of my scenario, can I keep its structure for subsequent use?
The "Archiving" option for your scenario allows you to save the structure, the content and the address book, once the scenario is closed. You determine the archiving duration of the scenario, which can be extended if it is due to expire. You can duplicate the archived scenario for a new collaboration phase.
Participants & emails management
Who can I invite to take part in my scenario?
You can invite anyone you consider useful for taking part in your brainstorming. This person must, however, have a valid e-mail address.
Can i invite people outside my organisation?
You are free to choose with who you want to collaborate. Whether it's a person in your organisation or not.
How are the participants informed?
All those that you associate are invited by e-mail to take part in your scenario. This e-mail allows them to create their access to the interacting Collaboration Space.
As the scenario progresses, how are the participants kept informed?
You can manage the sending of e-mails in the mobilisation interface. This enables you to send e-mails in automatic or manual mode throughout the scenario. This allows your participants to be informed of each event linked to the progress of the scenario.
What is the interacting confidentiality policy?
The contents entered in the scenarios are strictly private and remain your property. These contents are not visible to the interacting team and therefore do not undergo any processing. With your authorisation, we recover the operating and usage data with a view to improving the quality of our services.
These data are strictly anonymous and may be used in studies that we carry out. No data shall be transmitted to any third parties.
You can consult the details of our confidentiality policy in the section: "Legal Notices" and in the documents: "Charter of Use" and "General Terms and Conditions".
What is the interacting security policy?
All the data saved in your "Customer Space" and in your scenarios on the interacting platform are protected and hosted in France on our servers in our data centre.
Are my data and documents secure?
Your data and documents are and shall remain your property. Only you and your colleagues alone can access them.
No data is transmitted to any third parties. The data and documents are stored for the duration of a scenario or for the archiving period. Otherwise, they are deleted from our servers.
What happens to my data at the end of a scenario?
At the end of a scenario, the data remain accessible for 15 days. After this period, they are deleted.
You have the possibility of extracting these statistics and data in the form of documents. You can also choose the "Archiving" option to save the structure of the scenario and the address book.
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