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Immediate deployment Without commitment
Without intermediary In complete autonomy

Modular offer
The Modular offer is an offer without commitment, payment is on demand.
The reference scenario includes:
25 participants for 1 month
€3 per participant
How to do it? It's very simple
You buy a scenario by choosing the number of participants and duration, from 1 to 12 months.
In fact, you adjust the amount of your scenario, depending on your projects and possibilities.
Estimate the cost of your scenario
Minimum 25 participants
1 month
1 month minimum duration
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Total amount (excl. VAT)
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This is your first scenario You need help?
We are here to give advice and accompany you.
You can use the chat or ask to be contacted
You have a doubt about the number of participants or duration At any time, you can evolve your scenario by adding participants and extending the duration.
ZEN offer
The Zen offer is a "tailor-made" offer, in annual subscription, with an unlimited access to scenarios and participants number.
  • Unlimited access
    Over a year, you organize as many scenarios as you want, you choose the number of participants and determine the duration according to the progression of your collaboration groups.
  • Scenarios from 1 to 12 months
    Tailor-made offer for organizations wishing to animate recurrently different communities and follow the evolution of the topics.
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Features of the platform

Interactive scenario design
Multimedia exercises (decision tree, multi contributions, survey, quiz, vote, synthesis, discussion, document sharing, questions/answers, video, etc…)
Integration photos, videos, links, files, documents, …
Graphic personalization of Collaboration Space (logos, choice of colors, illustration, etc…)
Rating / Feedback / Comments on participants' contributions
Discussion with a Guest
Follow up an idea
Expert' intervention
Sequences setting
Manual entry, file import or participants' open registration
Role and profile of participants and external guests
Sequence schedule
Managing email sendings
Instant messages (generic and private) to participants, displayed on collaboration space
Private messages between Leader and participants
Content administration / Moderation of contributions
Add participants and duration throughout the scenario
Gather participants' contributions
Real-time participation statistics
Export of participation statistics and contribution data in word and excel formats
Formatting a deliverable
Archiving and reuse of scenarios
Discover offer, free version with 25 participants
Modular offer, without commitment, payment on demand, from €75
Zen offer, annual subscription, with unlimited access: scenario and participants. Tailor-made offer on estimate
Duration of a scenario from 1 to 12 months
User help - Customer account
Multilingual interface / Access from all devices
Data Protection / Hosting in France
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